In Safetti, we work with fabrics of the latest technologies to provide athletes with better comfort in their training. We are committed to our clients to offer the best advice in garment care for long lasting durability. With this in mind,  Safetti and its clients can maintain the garments quality.

Through this manual, Safetti will provide you with the instructions and appropriate care, wash and dry of the garment. It is our responsibility to provide and share this information to guarantee durability and to avoid claims for the incorrect use or regular wear out of the garment.


1. Recommendations for the use of the garment:

Fabrics made of Spandex and/or Lycra, are very delicate to contact to rough surfaces, like pavements, this is why we recommend special care when you are in contact with this surfaces, to avoid the wear out of the fabric from improper use. If you use Velcro gloves or shoes, avoid contact with the fabric to prevent fabric picking.

2. Recommendations for washing and drying of the garments:

- Garments can be manually washed at room temperature and/or in the washer machine in the delicate cycle to a temperature not greater than 30 degrees centigrade.

- Do not soak the garment, do not use bleach or fabric softener in the washing cycle, dry in the shade and hang it. Do not use the dryer, and don't twist the garment.

- When using the garment in a pool, wash it as soon as possible to avoid chlorine damage. 

- Make sure zippers are fully closed when washing to prevent the zipper from damaging the fabric.


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